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You finally reached your desired weight loss goals, but some cellulite and fat are still visible each time you look in the mirror. Beautox Bar understands your hard work exercising and eating a nutritional diet to enhance your appearance. We offer non-invasive, liposuction alternative solutions that are safe with no risk of harsh side effects or painful surgeries. Our medispa offers patients a healthy, relaxing environment to help them rejuvenate and heal emotionally and spiritually.

Beautox Bar Medispa welcomes people the age of 18 and older to experience gentle Lipo alternative treatments from highly certified medical professionals. We offer a broad selection of services and products, including:

We help you eliminate tenacious body fat in different areas using alternative liposuction methods. Our registered nurses and medispa experts walk with patients every step on their lifestyle journey to improve health and physiques.

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Credentials of Beautox Bar Medispa Professionals

  • Certificate in Aesthetic Medical Training Botox and Injectables
  • National Laser Institute in Advanced Injectables Certification
  • Aesthetic Medical Educators for Botox and Filler Injections in Advanced Injectables
  • Allergen’s Kybella Injections Certification

We built the foundation of Beautox Bar with two key ingredients, experience and expertise. Let us take care of your wants to look your very best using fat removal and Lipo alternative treatments. If you are ready for an effective and safe Liposuction Alternative, call us today to schedule an appointment.

What is Liposuction?

Cosmetic surgeons and many patients attest to the simplicity, effectiveness, and safety of liposuction procedures for contouring the body. Although the first model technique came into existence in the mid-1970s, surgeons modified treatments over the years for body fat reduction. It was near the end of the 1980s that vacuum pump suction developed, followed by syringe liposuction, ultrasonic lipo, and laser-lipolysis.

Liposuction is an aesthetic surgery dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons use to remove fat accumulations. The procedure is painful and requires anesthesia. It comes with complications and side effects, such as hematomas, permanent skin discoloration, infections, and defective contours. Here at Beautox Bar we offer painless liposuction alternative treatments with very low risk of complications.

Before liposuction alternative treatments, lipo was the only option for overweight people to receive fat removal procedures. Today, our certified medispa experts are offering lipo alternative treatments to lipo surgery. Beautox Bar is the place for patients to receive cost-efficient and non-painful procedures. We have liposuction alternatives so you can avoid expensive liposuction procedures that come with the pain plus the lengthy time for recovery.

Why ‘Liposuction Alternatives' Are Sought After

Earnestly, cost, extreme pain and the recovery time associated with lipo procedures are primary reasons liposuction alternatives are in high demand. Beautox Bar offers non-invasive methods and technologies for people who need a mild touch up. We use the latest technologies for toning and reshaping troublesome body areas, as well as safe injections.

Liposuction Alternative Maple Grove, MN offers nonsurgical treatments with minimum discomfort, before and after your fat removal treatment. You may experience soreness and swelling in treated areas, but there is no reason to miss work or for bedside recovery. Patients can return to work immediately or wait one day for the redness of the skin to subside.

Liposuction Alternative Treatments We Offer

Our Liposuction Alternative services include the following treatments; Kybella Injections, Botox Injections, InMode Evolve Body Sculpting, and Face Tightening.

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Kybella and Botox Injections Treatments

Are you self-conscious about the appearance of your chin and neck? Weight and aging can contribute to the formation of a double chin. Genetics can be a factor if you have a family history of weakening skin elasticity. Age can cause double chins as people get older because of muscle loss.

Kybella is the best solution for a fat reduction in the neck and chin, two problematic, visible areas on the body. What happens to the skin as people age or become overweight is wrinkles and fine lines caused by constant movement of the chin. Beautox Bar treats the submental area where the neck connects to the chin and stores fatty tissues.

Exercise, along with eating a balanced diet daily will not correct the problem. Before Lipo alternative treatments, patients relied heavily on liposuction surgical procedures for removal of fat buildup. Beautox Bar’s Liposuction Alternative Maple Grove MN uses FDA approved Kybella, since 2015.

Botox treatments are just as safe and effective as Kybella. These treatments have been available since 2002 and approved by FDA for use in treating fine lines and wrinkles on the face and around the eyes. Patients experience little discomfort and lasting results. You should start seeing improvements within two to three days from the scheduled treatment. Botox is the most used treatment among people between the ages of 30 and older.

Body Sculpting

Body Sculpting is a treatment for areas of the body with body fat that reshapes and transforms your appearance. Beautox Bar uses various techniques to make the body look healthier, slender, and attractive. InMode Evolve is a totally remarkable hands-free contouring applicator and device that uses signals from radio frequency.

Body sculpting is a Liposuction Alternative option for people wanting a non-invasive approach to tighten the skin and remove cellulite. Evolve destroys fat cells while firming the skin for a younger look and more vibrant appearance. It helps to enhance your physique using sophisticated contouring technology that provides you an experience of relaxation and calm.

Beautox Bar’s liposuction alternatives offer you the best quality aesthetic treatments that provide phenomenal results. Our proprietary Evolve treatment comprises three-in-one technology for each system used for individual patients. All systems feature applicators engineered with built-in thermal sensors for monitoring the temperature applied to the surface of the skin.

Face Tightening

Face tightening is a Lipo alternative for treating double chins, requiring three up to six treatments with each lasting 30 minutes. Our Evoke facial device redefines facial features for a younger look. It delivers energy to the tissues safely with quick noticeable changes to treated areas. It works similar to the Evolve body sculpting device and its use of radio frequency technology.

Beautox Bar uses non-invasive technology to remodel facial tissues of your face and neck, while redefining the jawlines. Our face tightening liposuction alternative treatment contours your face, neck tissues, chin, and cheeks. InMode Evoke applies bipolar radio frequency and provides more benefits compared to monopolar or unipolar radio frequency.

Our liposuction alternative facility in Maple Grove, MN provides a friendly and healthy atmosphere for Beautox Bar’s patients. Our face tightening fat removal treatments improves collagen production and increases elasticity to your skin. The chin applicator successfully reshapes your jawline and chin.

Liposuction Alternative Treatments We Offer

Beautox Bar welcomes you to explore the effectiveness of our Lipo alternative treatments. You can expect a warm greeting when entering the front office. We evaluate each patient to ensure our fat reduction services are safe and healthy to receive fat reduction, Liposuction Alternative Maple Grove MN. Our certified medispa professionals are attentive and trained to treat patients with quality care.

Benefits of Beautox Bar’s Liposuction/Fat Removal Alternatives

  • Safe and effective medispa devices for toning and reshaping the chin, jawline, and other facial areas.
  • Painless non-invasive treatments.
  • No recovery or downtime.
  • Natural and fast results.
  • Comfortable environment that relieves stress and tension.
  • Effectively tightens the skin.
  • Destroys fat cells.
  • Safer aesthetic treatments.
  • Non-surgical treatments.

Beautox Bar offers you superb quality aesthetic treatments, providing remarkable results in a few days. Let us care for you and enhance your look more after your weight loss success. Our treatments, including Kybella, Botox, Body Sculpting, and Face Tightening are better alternatives than liposuction procedures. Call today for liposuction alternative treatment and schedule a consultation or appointment to start the process of living a happier life confident in your outward appearance.

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