Carboxy Therapy & Lip Flip Party Package

Treat You and Your Friends to a CO2LIFT Mask Treatment and Lip Flip. 

Get Ready To Party!

$25 OFF
CO2LIFT Mask and Lip Flip

Everyone in your party will receive $25 off the combo treatment of a CO2LIFT Mask and Lip Flip.
*Must be in attendance and treated at the party date and time.

The Host who sets up the Beautox Party and rounds up the friends will receive a $20 credit towards a CO2LIFT Mask to take home for every friend who attends and purchases the combo treatment at the Beautox Party.  
Examples: The host plus 4 friends purchases combo treatments for $175 each = 5 total purchases: The host will earn a FREE CO2LIFT Mask to take home ($100 value.)  
Bring 9 friends plus the host = 10 total purchases: The host receives 2 FREE CO2LIFT Masks to take home ($200 value.)

Beautox Parties booking after clinic hours or on days we are not open have a $40 fee to cover the nurse’s time.

What is Carboxytherapy?

Say hello to the CO2 Lift! Get ready to lift, repair, and hydrate your skin with our latest addition. Perfect for any event, and safe for all skin types. Carboxytherapy mask uses CO2 to regenerate the skin. Try out this mask if you want to: Increase Hydration, Lift and Tighten Skin, Smooth Skin Texture, and Brighten Skin Tone. This treatment leads to an expansion of blood vessels, catalyzing the increased transportation of oxygen to various body tissues. The result is the promotion of cellular regeneration and exertion of potent anti-inflammatory effects.

pro lift treatment face mask

CO2Lift Carboxy Gel as an Aesthetic Treatment

Remarkably, this powerful treatment is gentle enough for delicate areas like the upper eyelids and mucosal membranes, a testament to its versatility. Its myriad applications and proven results make the CO2Lift Carboxy Therapy Gel a truly exceptional addition to your aesthetic treatment regimen. At Beautox Bar, we're proud to provide treatments like these that harmonize health, beauty, and wellbeing.

Whether you're battling with fine lines and wrinkles or grappling with the thin, crêpey skin that often comes with aging, this treatment works wonders. It is designed to restore elasticity and firmness to the skin, diminishing the visibility of these common aging signs. Furthermore, it effectively reduces the appearance of dark circles under the eyes, leaving you with a refreshed, youthful look.

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co2 lift face mask

What is a Lip Flip?

A Lip Flip is a quick procedure in which four to eight units of Botox are injected into the skin around the lips. The injections relax the top layers of the orbicularis oris muscle around the lip. Since this muscle pulls the lips inward to sip through a straw, relaxing it causes the lips to roll outward, making them appear larger for three to four months.

What To Expect During a Lip Flip

During a lip flip, expect a careful examination of your lips and surrounding facial structures. Since so much of what makes us look attractive depends on how different parts of the face relate to one another, qualified practitioners must carefully examine them to find the best locations for the injections.

After optimal injection sites are located, the area is cleansed to prepare it for injection. Tiny needles are used to minimize pain and bleeding. To further minimize bleeding risk, we must avoid alcohol and blood-thinning medications such as aspirin, ibuprofen, and fish oil before a Lip Flip Maple Grove MN. The injections are completed in a few minutes and feel like a pinprick with or without a slight stinging sensation. The practitioner will check in and ask if additional rest is needed before we can leave the office.

Woman laughing after Lip Flip treatment
Woman’s pouty lips after lip flip treatment

Recovery From a Lip Flip

Recovering from Lip Injections is easy since no downtime is needed. Vigorous exercise and sleeping facedown should be avoided for a few days to allow the Botox a chance to distribute evenly through the muscle. Any bruising should fade within a week. Drinking enough water, eating a healthy diet, and getting enough rest can also help the Botox circulate throughout the muscles by promoting overall good health.

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