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We all want sultry, glamorous lips. However, not everyone likes the dramatically larger lips that one might get from a lip filler. Lip flips are a more subtle alternative to lip fillers. They can give lips the youthful perkiness we all crave without making them so large that others ask us if we’ve “had some work done.”

What is a Lip Flip?

A Lip Flip is a quick procedure in which four to eight units of Botox are injected into the skin around the lips. The injections relax the top layers of the orbicularis oris muscle around the lip. Since this muscle pulls the lips inward to sip through a straw, relaxing it causes the lips to roll outward, making them appear larger for up to two months.

Woman laughing after Lip Flip treatment
Lip Flip Botox injection with syringe

Why We All Want Lip Flips

These lip enhancement procedures are pretty popular because they give us naturally fuller-looking lips. They also help us avoid super-plump supermodel lips since there are other procedures if that is what we desire. Down-to-earth, fresh, and revitalized good looks are the goals of getting a lip flip.

Nothing says glamorous like a beautiful smile. This cosmetic procedure is like rolling out the red carpet for our smiles. Since a flip rolls out the lips, it covers more pale pink gum tissue above the teeth. The result is a mouth full of bright teeth artfully framed by vibrant red lips.

The flip is fast; it can be done in minutes. Lip Injections MN are a quick way to look your best for an upcoming event. Many of our clients schedule flips during lunch hour and before or after work.

While these Lip Injections MN can enhance everyone’s natural appearance, they are beneficial for those of us who want:

  • To try out a lip filler. Lip Flip Maple Grove MN is a quick way to see what we might look like with a lip filler without the commitment. The flip fades several months faster than a filler, and it gives much more subtle results. If the results are good, a filler might be in our future. If we’re unhappy, we can just let it fade in a few months.
  • A pick-me-up for our current lip filler. If we long for a new lip filler but need to wait a few more months, this procedure is a great Lip Enhancement. Getting a flip done between four and six months after a filler can give us a rejuvenating boost.
  • To boost the results of a lip filler. Lip fillers are wonderful, but sometimes we long for a more voluptuous profile. Getting a Lip Flip Maple Grove MN between three and five days after a lip filler can give us the super-sexy pout we crave.
  • A convenient way to look our best for an upcoming event. When we have an important appearance in a month or two, a lip filler can provide a revitalizing lift without bruising. It’s also easy to squeeze into our busy days without any downtime.

Some Important Benefits of the Lip Flip Maple Grove MN

These lip enhancement procedures have several benefits that we enjoy:

  • The Flip Is Fast - These Lip Injections MN only take minutes to administer. Even when we factor in the time it takes to assess unique facial structure and muscles to find optimal injection placement, this is a quick appointment. Expect to be done during lunch hour.
  • It is minimally invasive - The flip consists of a few injections into the skin around the lips. It is a non-surgical procedure. There is no complex preparation or lengthy recovery.
  • It doesn’t leave us black and blue all over - While there is some risk of bruising, it is limited to the area directly around the lips. Since the injections are into the outermost muscle fibers, the bruises aren’t deep and should heal quickly.
  • This is a lunch hour Lip Enhancement -  Receiving the Lip Injections MN only takes a few minutes. Simply come to a Lip Enhancement appointment without makeup or remove it after your arrival, and the Beautox Bar staff will take care of the rest.
  • It provides excellent results that begin in days and last for months - When Botox is injected around the lips, they can start looking perkier in a few days. The full effect is there between five days and two weeks. Results last for three or four months.
  • Botox Lip Injections MN are very safe - Botox is FDA-approved and has been used for cosmetic procedures for decades. The lip flip procedure requires a minimal amount of it.
  • Great Solution for Gummy Smiles - At Beautox Bar, we understand how a gummy smile can affect your confidence. That's why we offer Botox treatments to help solve this issue. Botox injections can relax the muscles that pull your upper lip too high when you smile, revealing more of your gums than you'd like. By targeting these specific muscles, Botox can create a more balanced and natural-looking smile, giving you the confidence to show off your beautiful grin without worrying about excess gum exposure. Our team of experienced professionals at Beautox Bar is here to help you achieve the smile you've always wanted.

What To Expect During a Lip Flip

During a lip flip, expect a careful examination of your lips and surrounding facial structures. Since so much of what makes us look attractive depends on how different parts of the face relate to one another, qualified practitioners must carefully examine them to find the best locations for the injections.

After optimal injection sites are located, the area is cleansed to prepare it for injection. Tiny needles are used to minimize pain and bleeding. To further minimize bleeding risk, we must avoid alcohol and blood-thinning medications such as aspirin, ibuprofen, and fish oil before a Lip Flip Maple Grove MN. The injections are completed in a few minutes and feel like a pinprick with or without a slight stinging sensation. The practitioner will check in and ask if additional rest is needed before we can leave the office.

Woman’s pouty lips after lip flip treatment

Recovery From a Lip Flip

Recovering from Lip Injections MN is easy since no downtime is needed. Vigorous exercise and sleeping facedown should be avoided for a few days to allow the Botox a chance to distribute evenly through the muscle. Any bruising should fade within a week. Drinking enough water, eating a healthy diet, and getting enough rest can also help the Botox circulate throughout the muscles by promoting overall good health.

Book a Lip Enhancement Consultation Today

Lip Flip cost is $100 per treatment.

Figuring out if a Lip Flip Maple Grove MN is a good choice for any situation can be challenging. Fortunately, professionals are available to answer questions and give us options. Take the next step and book a consultation with Beautox Bar professionals.

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