Get Plump Lips With Our Premium Lip Fillers

Beautox Bar proudly offers JUVÉDERM®, one of the most effective and safe dermal fillers available in the market today.  JUVÉDERM® is an FDA approved dermal filler that features the consistency of a smooth gel and is composed of pure hyaluronic acid that is naturally produced by the human body.  

JUVÉDERM® Ultra Plus is not only a lip filler but can also assist in reducing more troublesome wrinkles. It features a much thicker consistency than the Ultra variant and hence may also be used to get those plump lips and even cheeks too. The latest FDA approved product is JUVÉDERM® XC and this offers another avenue for lip filler treatments. This is the first and only filler that is designed to correct volume loss in the lips and cheeks.

In the lip filler world, no other product has proven to be more popular and effective than JUVÉDERM®. Therefore it is the number one option recommended by many plastic surgeons and has earned endless raves from happy and satisfied patients. Don’t let yourself suffer the effects of aging. You can become the best version of a younger you with the help of Beautox Bar and JUVÉDERM® lip filler.


Four Types of Lip Fillers:


  • Lasts up to 9 months and gives you a full lip
  • Cost is $550 Full Syringe, $400 Half Syringe

Ultra Plus

  • Lasts up to 9 months and gives you a full lip (used upon request)
  • Cost is $650 Full Syringe, $500 Half Syringe


  • Lasts up to 12 months and gives you a subtle lip (great for men)
  • Cost is $650 Full Syringe, $450 Half Syringe


  • Lasts up to 18 months and gives you a longer lasting full lip (less swelling)
  • Cost is $750 Full Syringe, $550 Half Syringe

How It Works

We will discuss and consult with you about the lip shape and fullness you are after.  We will choose the best filler for your lips with your approval.  We will numb your lips with our awesome numbing cream so you have a comfortable experience.  We can do the treatment at your consultation as long as you book a Juvederm filler appointment.  It doesn’t matter which of the 4 Juvederm Lip Fillers you book, we will decide at your appointment, but we just need the time slot needed (45 minutes) to do the treatment.

There is no obligation to have your lips done at your consultation.  There is a $50 consultation fee if no treatment is provided otherwise there is not a charge for the consultation.  The $50 is for the nurse’s time since45 minutes will be blocked off the books.  For NEW clients only, there is a booking fee, but the fee goes towards your treatment or consultation.

Woman receiving lip filler injection
Before and After results of lip filler injection

Helps The Skin

It is a known fact that hyaluronic acid in the body works to add moisture to the skin. As we get older, the body stores less and less of this substance and as a result, the skin can become dehydrated, limp and dull. JUVÉDERM® lip filler injections ensure that this does not happen as precious hyaluronic acid is injected directly to the problem areas. While many people want to achieve instagrammable-looking selfies with lips, hyaluronic acid can do other wonders on top of that as it also helps replenish the body’s stores once again. The dermal lip filler can help the skin to increase production of elastin. Just the presence of JUVÉDERM® can make the skin healthier. Early research in the product also shows that regular treatments and exposure to hyaluronic acid present in JUVÉDERM® aids in improving skin form and function. This means the benefits of JUVÉDERM® on your skin last far longer than the injection.

Proven Effective

One of the main reasons why JUVÉDERM® lip injections are so popular is the simple fact that it delivers consistent results across the United States. Patients treated with JUVÉDERM® are enjoying the results of their treatment. At Beautox Bar you can expect the same level of effectiveness that thousands of people across the country have enjoyed. Doctors and patients alike are raving at the wonderful effects of this lip filler product. It is low-risk, high reward and lasts a long time. What more could you ask for?

With JUVÉDERM® You Get:

Predictable and Reliable Results – While other lip fillers may last only from four to six months, JUVÉDERM® users enjoy it for one year and sometimes more. For lip augmentation, the effect of JUVÉDERM® lasts up to six months. However, if you repeat the treatment in a few weeks just after the first lip filler injection you can significantly enjoy your pouty lips longer.

The Elasticity of Gel – What makes JUVÉDERM® special is its very uniform structure. This offers a lot of advantages. Since it is very cohesive, the hyaluronic acid particles very tightly attach with the skin layers offering awesome long-term results after injection. Another advantage of using gels made by Allergan (the manufacturer of JUVÉDERM®) is its elastic consistency which fills up all the problematic areas and never migrates.

How to Prepare

Dissolve Arnica Montana pellets under yourtongue every day 3-7 days prior to your appointment to help prevent bruising after filler injections. Arnica Montana pellets are availablefor purchase at our clinic ($11.99) or WholeFoods.

NO alcohol 3 days prior to your appointment,
NO Fish oil, NO ibuprofen*

*These can cause bruising. Arnica helpsprevent bruising.

Shop Arnica at Beautox Bar:


What to Expect


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