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InMode Evolve and Evoke
Botox At The Bar Podcast - Love Your Lips
Botox at the Bar Podcast - Botox Myths
Botox at the Bar Podcast - How to Build Your Assets
Botox at the Bar Podcast - Evolve and Evoke Explained
Botox at the Bar Podcast - Needling for Youth
Botox at the Bar Podcast - Oops…I Piddled
Into The Gloss quote about Botox in your twenties
Maple Grove Magazine
Turning back the clock, Botox and fillers have transformed the world of beauty and have provided a simple solution to regain a youthful look.
Elle magazine cover with Jennifer Lopez
Voyage Minnesota
My business partner and I started Beautox Bar in August of 2016 because we wanted to empower our own lives as well as others through aesthetics treatments.
New York Times article about Kybella
Abra Kadabra Environmental
5 Simple Ways To Take Care Of Your Skin With Nicole Langer & Liz Peterson Of Beautox Bar.
Allure magazine cover about Volux skin care injections
Volux is the first hyaluronic acid-based injectable filler approved by the FDA that specifically targets the jawline, an area Juvéderm's parent company, Allergan Aesthetics, has found...
Bazaar article about Jaw fillers
Harper's BAZAAR
Over the last decade, our collective desire for increased facial definition was firmly on the up. Playing out on social media, and seen on the most followed famous faces, it all started with...
Bazaar article about Botox forehead treatments
Harper's BAZAAR
Traditionally, injections of wrinkle-relaxants like Botox have been synonymous with expressionless foreheads, overarching eyebrows and pinched smiles. Now, many practitioners perfer...
New York Times about Botox
New York Times
Forget what you think you know about Botox. Once considered the not-so-secret tool of celebrities and the wealthy with a bad rap for freezing faces, the wrinkle-melting injections...
People Magazine about Jevuderm
I’ve always loved the look of full lips, but the countless plumping glosses I’ve tried and tossed over the years have never delivered the volume I’ve wanted, and needless to say, their effects...
News Center Kybella
News Center
It is a natural part of life to see some form of double chin as a person ages. The culprit of this common change is a buildup of fat between the chin and neck, but there is a shockingly easy solution...
The Zero Report
The Zero Report
Ah, the golden age of tweakments. A tiny injection to thin lips turns them pillowy-soft and luscious; a prick to the forehead smooths out fine lines like magic. But one area of the face...
Glamour Magazine about Injections
Is it ever too early for Botox? A new article about the preventive use of cosmetic procedures to freeze the aging process may raise a few eyebrows..

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5 Stars in a row
"Never had a bad experience at Beautox Bar. I have seen Nicole the last few visits and she is great. Always has my file pulled up when I get there which is reassuring!! Super clean work space and knowledgeable. Feels super comfortable."
-J. H.


5 Stars in a row
"I had a great experience getting my lips done with Liz and I love the result! Very reasonably priced and the procedure overall was fast. I will definitely return for other procedures in the future. And if you’re thinking about getting lip fillers, just get them!"
-Anna S


5 Stars in a row
"Nurse Liz was amazing! The Who crew of beautiful ladies made this experience even more fun. Liz explains everything before during and after every step of the process. I had 1/2 syringe of juvaderm ultra in my lips and some Botox on my forehead."
-Jeanne S


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