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EVOLVE uses radio frequency energy for fat reduction, muscle toning and skin tightening. It can sculpt a wide range of body parts like the arms, legs, thighs, stomach, and buttocks in 6 treatments per area.
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There are three modalities to choose from:
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and applies radio frequency energy to treat cellulite!*
45 minute treatment
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by applying heat that feels like a warm blanket.*
45 minute treatment
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so they can become toned and more defined.*
30 minute treatment
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Treatments / Modalities

We recommend a series of 6 treatments per area, once a week for 6 weeks.  Evolve Transform does multiple modalities at once (Trims the fat, Tightens the skin, and Tones the muscles) in 45 minutes.  If you only need tightening of the skin, then choose Tite only, for example.  We will consult with you to come up with a custom treatment plan!

Evolve 6 Treatment Package for 1 Area = $2,199: Includes Evolve Aftercare Kit of iS Clinical Body Complex, Youth Body Serum, ShealD, and Glo Body Sugar Scrub.
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Contact Beautox Bar™ to set up a consultation with a certified practitioner.
*Some restrictions apply. Cancellations will incur a $100 fee.
Many people struggle with weight loss, this is a fact. The truth is losing weight is never an easy endeavor. It is the reason why those last few pounds preventing you from your weight goal can be so infuriating. If you have put in the work by changing your lifestyle and opting for more healthy options but still cannot get rid of that stubborn body fat, there is still hope for you. Is it surgery? No. At Beautox Bar, our team of experts offer the latest body contouring technology that many consider a game changer – InMode Evolve.

Now is the best time to know more about this non-surgical body sculpting approach that can change your life and give you that last push to finish off your weight-loss journey. Looking for InMode Evolve near me?  Give us a call today or request a convenient online consultation.

What is Body Sculpting?

Body sculpting is the process that aims to shrink areas of stubborn body fat for the purpose of reshaping your body and achieve a much healthier, gorgeous and slimmer appearance. It is no secret that a lot of people struggle with body fat that they cannot get rid of even with vigorous exercise and strict diet regimens. If you’re like many people that are conscious about this extra fat or loose skin on your stomach, buttocks, or love handles, we can help you get rid of it safely and effectively.

Losing weight is hard enough; losing weight in specific areas is downright challenging and mostly frustrating. This is the reason why many people resort to surgery which is not only expensive but also carries with it certain risks.
At Beautox Bar we offer safe non-surgical body sculpting to help you get rid of stubborn body fat. InMode Evolve is a wholly customizable hands-free body contouring device that uses powerful radio frequency signals in order to precisely destroy fat cells and in the process tightens skin too to give you a slimmer,  younger and more radiant appearance.

InMode Evolve offers anon-invasive approach that can tighten the skin and minimizes the appearance of texture irregularities and cellulite. When we lose weight it often leaves your skin looking dimpled and puckered definitely not the look you were looking for. With the help of Beautox Bar’s body contouring services you can achieve a much more natural, firmer look to your skin.

Why Choose InMode Evolve?

InMode Evolve is a revolutionary body contouring technology that offers patients a non-invasive approach to remodel problematic areas of the body while also improving the skin’s appearance. InMode Evolve is the only hands-free platform that offers the following benefits simultaneously:

● Skin Remodeling/tightening
● Destruction of fat cells or adipose tissue
● Improvement of muscle tone

All treatments are customized in order to target unique areas and specific needs. It is a simple, quick non-surgical approach with no downtime whatsoever so you can do this even during your lunch break and come back with a slimmer, tighter and more youthful  look.
We can target stubborn areas to remove fat and tighten your skin such as:

● Abdomen
● Arms
● Hips
● Flanks
● Buttocks
● Thighs
● Knees

At Beautox Bar, we can offer you the best quality aesthetic treatments that give the best results. The InMode Evolve program is an all-in-one proprietary 3-in-one technology in a single system. Each of the systems features applicators that are engineered with built-in thermal sensors that offer real time skin surface temperature monitoring. This assists the device to achieve an optimal thermal profile that produces the most outstanding results, while also ensuring that your comfort and safety.

Skin Tightening

At Beautox Bar, we can help you get rid of sagging skin and even improve skin firmness with InMode Evolve non-surgical body sculpting approach. It works best in problematic body areas where skin loses its elasticity such as the thighs, arms and abdomen. As the treatment uses radiofrequency energy to activate thermal effects and results in contraction of skin tissues and improved collagen production for a younger looking and firmer skin.

Cellulite Reduction

Cellulite results in a dimpled appearance of skin. Our InMode Evolve treatment program can help reduce the appearance of cellulite by getting rid of fat cells on the targeted zone resulting in a tighter, smoother and more even texture. This is a non-surgical body sculpting approach to get rid of stubborn cellulite.

Fat Reduction

Struggling to get rid of stubborn belly fat that would just not go away even with exercise and dietary restrictions? Don’t fret as getting rid of fat in problematic areas has never been easier with Beautox Bar’s InMode Evolve body contouring services. It integrates radiofrequency energy and vacuum technology that can enhance the effects of the treatment. The volumetric heating precisely targets the subcutaneous layer which results in a much slimmer and gorgeous look.

InMode Evolve is Safe

There are many body contouring procedures in the market today but none can compare to the level of safety that InMode Evolve offers. For instance, the device comes with a Patient Call Button, so that our team can easily pause the treatment at any time to make adjustments. There are also built-in, real-time monitors with audio indicator sounds that sound off when optimal temperature is achieved and offers feedback on the treatment process. The device also has a treatment screen that allows our staff to visually check the thermal effect at any point during the procedure. InMode Evolve also features color-blind RF technology that ensures it can be used effectively and safely on all skin types.

The Beautox Bar InMode Evolve Experience

The great thing about InMode Evolve is that it works very well for both women and men who are near their ideal weights but are simply struggling to get rid of those last few pounds. InMode Evolve is a wonderful CoolSculpting Alternative. It is completely safe for all kinds of skin types and skin tones.

At Beautox Bar, we offer customized treatment recommendations for each patient as we know each patient’s needs and goals are unique. Our personalized body contouring plan is designed to meet all of your aesthetic objectives. Normally, we recommend at least 6-8 treatment sessions in order to get the best results.

Each Beautox Bar InMode Evolve body contouring session takes about thirty minutes to one hour, depending on the area you want targeted. It is not only quick but also absolutely painless. It is considered a lunch time procedure and you can be back at work with time to spare.

At Beautox Bar, you are our top priority and we want to make sure that you are completely comfortable while undergoing the InMode Evolve procedure. A lot of patients who have undergone this non-surgical body sculpting method say that it feels more like having a hot stone massage, warm but quite comfortable. You have completely nothing to worry about because our professional and experienced team is always ready to make adjustments at any time during the procedure in order to keep you relaxed and comfortable as can be. Trust us to make your stay with us truly an enjoyable and worthwhile experience.

You can expect zero downtime once the procedure is done. The skin in the treated region may be warm or red immediately following the body contouring process but any side effects disappear completely in just a few hours.

Achieve the body you have always wanted without any surgery or endless hours spent at the gym. Look for the body contouring near me service that produces amazing results. To know whether you are an ideal candidate for this procedure, schedule a consultation with our professional and knowledgeable Beautox Bar staff. We are very excited to hear from you.
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Contact Beautox Bar™ to set up a consultation with a certified practitioner.
*Some restrictions apply. Cancellations will incur a $100 fee.


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