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No more double chin. In 3 to 6 treatments.
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EVOKE reveals more defined facial features for a youthful appearance. By delivering energy to the tissue safely it provides a noticeable change in fat reduction and skin tightening results. EVOKE is a hands-free facial remodeling treatment with zero pain or downtime! It’s quick and easy to get the results you want.
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InMode Evoke face tightening equipment
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Treatments / Modalities

We recommend a series of 6 treatments once a week for 6 weeks.  Choose to either focus on the Chin or the Cheeks or do both!  We will consult with you to come up with a custom treatment plan!
Evoke 6 Treatment Package for either Chin or Cheek  = $1,500.00
Evoke 12 Treatment Package for both Chin and Cheek = $2,100.00
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The one part of your body that clearly defines you is your face. This is why you need to take care of it very well so you can always look your best for any occasion.  Beautox Bar presents InMode Evoke, the breakthrough, non-invasive technology that can remodel the tissues of your face and neck and achieve facial features and jawlines that are more defined.  Look stunning, gorgeous and younger than ever with the most effective neck tightening and face tightening technology available in the market today – InMode Evoke.

InMode Evoke makes use of clinically proven radio frequency technology in order to deliver heating to the subdermal layers of the skin. With a series of easy face tightening treatments you can achieve a younger looking face and neck.  At Beautox Bar, relax in our beautiful space as we do all the work to cultivate a more defined and youthful facial characteristics that everyone will definitely notice.

At Beautox Bar we proudly offer this groundbreaking revolutionary treatment:

Ever wondered how to tighten skin on face or how to tighten neck skin without resorting to expensive and dangerous surgery? Look no further as Beautox Bar offers InMode Evoke a non-invasive method that can deliver a structural re-organization and contouring of the face and neck tissues.  The method remodels and contours your face, neck, chin and cheeks/jowls.   It is a hands-free design and programmable tech and is the only one to feature temperature monitoring and automatic user-programmable temperature on and off control. The state-of-the-art thermal skin reviving platform can effectively restructure facial and neck tissues without the need for anesthesia and no surgical scars or downtime whatsoever.

Why Choose InMode Evoke?

There are many face tightening treatments and sagging neck solutions available out there but most require significant downtime, are very expensive and can expose the patient to a lot of side effects.  With InMode Evoke you do not have to worry about any of these. It is an FDA approved face and neck remodeling system that makes use of radiofrequency technology in order to deliver fantastic results. It offers a safe, no downtime alternative to expensive surgical procedures. It can effectively remodel the target area so as to improve the shape and contours of the face without any pain or long recovery periods.  InMode Evoke completely removes the risks that are associated with surgery and patients can look forward to a more beautiful face and neck region without worrying about pain, scarring or the need to take some time off from work. InMode Evoke effectively alters the shape of the face by tightening facial and submental tissues.

Lifts and Tightens

As we age, our skin begins to lose its natural firmness and elasticity. The face loses fat and the subdermal tissues also suffer from loss of support over time. The result is areas of the face that droops. This usually occurs on the jowl area where skin becomes thinner and facial tissues start to sag. Through InMode Evoke we can achieve effective face tightening and neck tightening to deliver younger looking and contoured skin. The treatment can provide results similar to a surgical facelift without the surgery part. What you get is a face that is slimmer, tighter and younger-looking skin that is smoother and desirable to the touch.

How InMode Evoke Works

How to tighten skin on face without surgery? That is what InMode Evoke does. It uses bipolar radiofrequency, which offers more benefits to the patient compared to monopolar or unipolar radiofrequency.  The energy travels from one pole to another pole of the same hand piece and can effectively target a precise area of the skin that requires urgent attention. Bipolar radiofrequency also offers convenient and more efficient targeting of the subdermal layers and facial tissue. The energy heats up the Fibro septal network by seeping into the skin and maintains consistent and stable temperature all throughout the applicators. It restructures the skin cells and the deeper subcutaneous fat tissues to achieve fantastic results.

Cellulite Reduction

This InMode Evoke accessory was made to perfectly fit over the face and target the cheek and jowl areas. This section of the face is known to be affected by sagging skin and fat loss. It is essentially a hands free applicator that we connect to your face and control and monitor via the intuitive screen of the InMode Evoke system. It then sends bipolar frequency on the cheeks and jowl section and also increases the temperature beneath it in order to cause tissue contraction. The treatment results in better collagen production and increases firmness and elasticity of your skin. Combined together they can lift the treated section and thereby reduce drooping. You will also appreciate the improved contours of your face after the treatment session.

Evoke Chin Applicator

Want to get a gorgeously defined jawline? At Beautox Bar we can make this happen for you. The Evoke chin applicator is designed to efficiently target your chin and jawline, two areas of the face that are quite notorious for sagging.  Similar to the face applicator it delivers bipolar radiofrequency that heats up the facial tissues beneath the skin and can even help reduce fat in the targeted area too. It tightens the skin to get rid of sagging and the collagen remodeling in the submental region adds better support for the facial tissues and keeps the shape of your face more defined.

The Treatment Process

Once we have determined that you are a good candidate for our face tightening treatments, we then start the procedure. You will feel only a mild warmth and some redness can occur which will go away after a few hours. There is absolutely no recovery period needed or any downtime when we perform the InMode Evoke procedure. You can return to your regular routine immediately. Our treatments are quick, painless and non-invasive. Visit us during your lunch break for a treatment and be back in time for work. It really is that simple to get a gorgeous face and neck.

Completely Safe

Your safety, convenience and well-being are our top priorities here at Beautox Bar which is why we use only the safest and most effective skin tightening treatments for you. InMode Evoke offers several safety features to ensure it functions as intended. There are audible indicators that create a sound when it has reached optimal temperature. There is also a convenient patient call button to communicate with our staff without direct contact.  There is also a treatment screen that allows our staff to visually monitor the thermal effect of each applicator at any point during the procedure. The Color-blind RF technology also ensures that the device may be safely used on all kinds of skin types.

With Beautox Bar’s InMode Evoke you get to enjoy these wonderful benefits:

● Hands Free Technology – Features a single device with several hands free applicators. That is all that is needed to contour, remodel and improve your face
● Effective – InMode Evoke offers fantastic results. It uses radiofrequency energy to restructure the skin tissues as well as the fat layers located around the neck, face and submental regions.
● Works Immediately and no downtime
● Natural Looking – You get a younger, more beautiful face without the need to have any incisions, injections or foreign substances.
● Safe – No risk of side effects or complications

Stay tension-free and comfortable while our competent and professional staff performs this amazing non-invasive procedure. You can even talk during the entire process, read a book or just simply relax. If it’s InMode Evoke near me that you are looking for, you can find it at Beautox Bar. Visit or call us for an appointment. We are very excited to hear from you.
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Contact Beautox Bar™ to set up a consultation with a certified practitioner.
*Some restrictions apply. Cancellations will incur a $100 fee.


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