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GenXC Serum was featured on (Unique Visitors Monthly: 2,503,048) in an editorial titled “The Best Face Serum for Every Skin Type”. The editor is quoted as saying “Darden reaches for the iS Clinical GeneXC Serum for her mature clients, thanks to its potent yet non-irritating formula that addresses visible signs of aging from the inside out.” The product is pictured and is credited.  The story was re-posted to (Unique Visitors Monthly: 149,324,782)
Youth Body Serum was featured on (Unique Visitors Monthly: 114,763) in an editorial titled “How To Design The Most Relaxing Bath Ritual Ever”. The editor is quoted as saying “Dry winter weather isn’t going anywhere for a while, so adding a body serum to your post-bath routine can help ward off irritation. This formula is packed with hyaluronic acid to hydrate, plus extremozymes, which are clinically proven to repair components of skin DNA (leaving you with stronger, more resilient skin).”. The product is pictured and is credited.
Active Serum was featured on (Unique Visitors Monthly: 2,250,000) in an editorial titled “The 14 Best Acne Serums for Clear Skin”. The editor is quoted as saying “Designed to initiate your skin’s renewal process and stimulate collagen, the IS Clinical Active Serum accelerates the healing time of your breakouts by reducing their size and redness. Formulated with pharmacy-grade botanicals such as sugarcane, arbutin, bilberry and mushroom extracts, this top-rated serum is also an effective treatment for discoloration and wrinkles as it helps firm the skin and smooth away unwanted tone and texture.”. The product is pictured and is credited.  The story was re-posted to (Unique Visitors Monthly: 67,151,557)
Super Serum Advance+ was featured on (Unique Visitors Monthly: 1,984,196) in an editorial titled “Why You Should Be Using an Antioxidant Serum”. The editor is quoted as saying “It might be a splurge, but this product was recommended by both Dr. Mariwalla and reviewers — so you know it's good. What makes it so great? It's packed full of L-ascorbic (otherwise known as vitamin C), hydrating hyaluronic acid, amino acids, and peptides to even pigmentation, zap acne (even pesky breakouts from face mask-wearing), encourage collagen production, and protect against environmental damage from UV rays and pollution.”. The product is pictured and is credited.
Pro Heal Serum Advance+, Body Complex and Cleansing Complex were featured on (Unique Visitors Monthly: 7,740,000) in an editorial titled “Mali Thomas’s AM/PM Routine”. Celebrity makeup artist Mali Thomas shares her morning and nightly routine beauty routine and states “It really hydrates my dry skin, and hydration is the key to super-soft skin. I use iS Clinical Body Complex to mildly exfoliate.... I have a very simple routine for my face, as the skin does most of its work at night. I do a light cleanse with iS Clinical Cleansing Complex, followed by the Pro Heal Serum,”.
Active Serum was featured on (Unique Visitors Monthly: 1,967,002) in an editorial titled “Pia Baroncini on Pregnancy, Clean Beauty, and Authenticity”. The editor is quoted as saying “She credits her usual skincare routine to IS Clinical Active Serum at night for acne and Furtuna products”. is credited.
Cleansing Complex was featured on (Unique Visitors Monthly: 2,790,599) in an editorial titled “The Best Cleansers for Aging Skin”. The editor is quoted as saying “A true multitasker, this anti-aging cleanser gently exfoliates thanks to white willow bark and sugarcane extract—two hero ingredients. Perfect for acneic skin, this gel formulation also deep cleans pores without drying you out.”. The product is pictured and is credited.

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Nutrafol for Men
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Nutrafol for Women
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Arnica Montana
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HA5 Lip System
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VI Derm Ultra A

An antioxidant power-blend specifically formulated to rejuvenate skin, help resurface acne prone skin and repair damage caused by aging and the environment. Works to restore elasticity to aging skin, renew skin texture, and improve fine lines and wrinkles. The VI Derm Ultra A also helps to reduce pigment caused by age spots and acne scarring.

VI Derm HQ Plus

This product helps fade and remove age spots, sun spots, acne scars and uneven skin tone. It helps prevent future pigmentation production while reducing skin damage from sun exposure. It also helps improve overall skin tone and texture.

Sunscreen Powder

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5 Stars in a row
"Never had a bad experience at Beautox Bar. I have seen Nicole the last few visits and she is great. Always has my file pulled up when I get there which is reassuring!! Super clean work space and knowledgeable. Feels super comfortable."
-J. H.


5 Stars in a row
"I had a great experience getting my lips done with Liz and I love the result! Very reasonably priced and the procedure overall was fast. I will definitely return for other procedures in the future. And if you’re thinking about getting lip fillers, just get them!"
-Anna S


5 Stars in a row
"Nurse Liz was amazing! The Who crew of beautiful ladies made this experience even more fun. Liz explains everything before during and after every step of the process. I had 1/2 syringe of juvaderm ultra in my lips and some Botox on my forehead."
-Jeanne S


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